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TractusMed is a private health information exchange for pathology data that will provide secure, HIPAA-compliant, near real-time access to virtually all patient Anatomic Pathology data across all the United States. Anatomic Pathology data is used to diagnose and treat cancer and other life-limiting diseases. In fact, pathologists sit at the intersection where the advancing science of diagnostics enters clinical medicine and they are the physicians primarily responsible for diagnosing all patients with cancer in the US. However, our current siloed medical record systems frequently prevent a pathologist from knowing much – if anything – about a patient’s previous pathology history before looking at their current specimen. This inherent deficiency can lead to incomplete diagnoses, unnecessary duplicated testing, delays in treatment, and even inappropriate care.


Product Description


TractusMed’s PathGateway solution will be a national repository that aggregates nearly all patient Anatomic Pathology reports across the US and will create a complete anatomic pathology history report for all Americans.  By providing secure and near real-time access to the PathGateway database to pathologists, pathologists will have a more complete picture when diagnosing patients, which will meaningfully improve clinical outcomes.

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