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Press Releases

American Fork, Utah, September 10, 2019

TractusMed, the creator of a private health information exchange for pathology data, has introduced its core product, PathGateway.  PathGateway is a national repository that will aggregate nearly all patient Anatomic Pathology reports in the US and will create a complete anatomic pathology history record for every patient in the US healthcare system.  Pathology data is an important part of the medical record that is often the key to diagnosing cancer, malignancy, and many life threatening abnormalities.

“By providing  secure and near real-time access to the PathGateway data base, pathologists will have a more complete picture when diagnosing patients, which will meaningfully improve clinical outcomes,” according to Daron Jones, President of TractusMed.

Dr. Richard Dick, CEO of TractusMed points out that “the current siloed medical record systems frequently prevent a pathologist from knowing much about a patient’s pathology history.  This inherent deficiency can lead to incomplete diagnoses.  PathGateway will aggregate, harmonize, and link patient pathology data in such a way as to provide a complete patient pathology history. In addition Dr. Dick says that “the PathGateway repository will be ultra-secure, HIPAA compliant, and accessible only by invitation.”

PathGateway will be an important step toward reaching the goals of the HITECH Act defined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, by helping to provide for the “electronic exchange of health information to improve the quality of care” from a pathology perspective; and by doing so in a secure and private manner.

The PathGateway product will begin archiving anatomic pathology reports in the Summer of 2020 and will follow an aggressive path to a nearly complete aggregation of all records in the US.

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